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  1. sharedglobalstrings: Update copyright year to 2018 (details / bitbucketweb)
  2. transport-xmpp: Set Jid in EnterXmppCredentials.onCreate() (details / bitbucketweb)
  3. transport-xmpp: Switch master address order of button and text (details / bitbucketweb)
  4. transport-xmpp: Update privacy list (details / bitbucketweb)

Started by remote host with note: Triggered by push of revision 751cdcecd2d0: "transport-xmpp: Update privacy list

It appears the previous privacy list was incorrect as it used
<message/>, <iq/> and <presence-out/> as child of items with
'allow'. But those childs are possibly only defined for 'deny' type

We new deny <presence-in/> first, and then allow everything else from
remote entities which subscription state 'to'.
" to by Flowdalic

Revision: 751cdcecd2d09cbf65c575f84aec403cb0d1df55
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